Beginner’s Hatha Practice!

Hatha Yoga is a branch of yoga that encompasses many yoga styles. Overall, Hatha includes physical postures (asanas) and breathing (pranayama) to help increase awareness between the mind and body.

Before you start there are few things I suggest:

  • If you have injuries or have any concerns, talk to your doctor before practicing!
  • All that I offer is a mere suggestion, listen to your body and never force it into a movement or asana that is uncomfortable.
  • Get a mat! When looking for one, ask yourself 1) Do I want a thick mat for more cushion and protection or do I want more stability? 2) Do I need an extra long mat (for tall people)? 3) Do my palms and feet sweat easily? If so, make sure to focus on the grip of the mats. 4) What’s my budget? 5) Do I travel a lot and want the convenience of a more compact mat?
  • Know that beginning a practice is simply incorporating it into your life. There’s no time requirement, no specific branch of yoga (don’t limit yourself to just asanas), and if you want to attend a class, read the class description!

With that being said, the best way to start is to just do! I’ve attached a quick video of the 3-Part Yogic Breath/Diaphragmatic Breathing  (Dirga Swasam Pranayama). This foundation breath practices complete deep breathing to increase oxygen supply, calm the nervous system, and to prepare the body for practice and meditation.


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