Reduce risk! Joint Warm-up Intro

Medical doctors and health practitioners have been recommending yoga now more than ever! However, yoga is so vast that brand new yogis (not all) walk into any yoga class hoping for the best and end up in a worse state than they started. To reduce risk of injury, make sure you are aware of any limitations, let a yoga instructor know before class starts, and if you practice at home, make sure to warm-up. You know your body best, never force it into an asana or movement that is uncomfortable! That being said, here’s a simple example of a joint warm-up. If you want to do a practice that spends more time on the hands (down dogs, planks, etc.) then spend extra attention on the wrist and fingers, same with other parts of the body. Spinal warm-ups should be incorporated into all practices but of course, not if that’s a physical limitation.


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