Class Descriptions (Small Group)

Gentle Yoga: A class appropriate for many different-level yogis and highly recommended for beginners. Class focuses on mindful breathing during the practice of asanas (poses) that move at a slow and steady pace. A great class to reduce stress, release tight joints and muscles, and improve balance and strength. Asanas will vary from laying down to standing.

Vinyasa Flow: “breath-synchronized movement” In this class, the breath will lead as it moves us from asana to asana.  Physically, it helps build lean muscle mass, build resistance, and creates a balanced strength training workout. Mentally, connecting movement with breath calms the mind in these mindful smooth flows. A great class to start the week off with a clear and focused mind.

Power Yoga: Think of Vinyasa flow taken to the next level! Increasing the pace and intensity of movements will create a balanced cardio, strength training, and detoxifying practice. Class will also include challenges in core strength and balance. A few benefits include increase in stamina, improvements in posture, and helps release stress, anxiety, and tension.